How LVX’s VLC Works
Illuminate and Communicate
LVX light fixtures are the first in the world to send-receive modulated free space visible light photons. We transmit broadband network similar to Wi-Fi but, instead of using traditional radio waves (RF), we use visible light photons to create a tightly-targeted broadband “hot spot.” This allows greater data throughput and a level of security never before realized. And, it’s like a fiber optic connection from the ceiling light to your data device without any cable. It’s fiberless.

LVX communication is referred to as Data Lumen Access (DLA). Imagine: by purchasing LVX DLh service, the Hosting Customer enables DLA, offering communication convenience to their building occupants. In consideration, LVX rebates a portion of the DLA revenue stream to the DLh Hosting Customer, augmenting or completely covering the Hosting Customer’s lighting bill. LVX is the only service that can make such an offer.