LVX System of Companies
Who We Are
For more than 20 years, LVX’s principals and R&D teams worked to develop what everyone wanted: a “better,” more efficient LED with higher output and less electronics-damaging heat. What they’ve since come up with demands we see light - in a different light, as a bold, new medium of communication.

LVX System of Companies is the inventor, patent holder and commercial innovator of this new broadband Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology and service that not only delivers highly-secure wireless broadband but also provides its customers with the most energy-efficient, “better” quality light available anywhere.

There are 51 LVX companies to offer this new service of light, one to serve each state and the District of Columbia. They are all purposed to sell Data Lumen hours (DLh) service. Additionally, there are four common supporting companies to the 51: LVX Western, the manufacturer of the LVX lighting apparatus; LVX Lab, to research and develop the technology, business case and designs necessary to support the LVX System of Companies; LVX License, to finance infrastructural growth and license LVX for government and vendor participation; and LVX System, presently the holding company and supporter of all Data Lumen Access (DLA) communication offerings.
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