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Welcome to LVX System

LVX System is the managing organization of 55 separate companies that work together to offer our nation a revolutionary lighting technology that provides energy efficient lighting and visible light wireless communication services. We have defined and branded this as Light Visually X-Transceiving (LVX).

Through our network of 51 state service companies, we provide sales, installation, service and maintenance support of our patented visible light communication technology to offer a unified national service offering.

The videos presented on this website contain dated material applicable to the technology development at the time of their production. Please contact LVX System for the latest information.

Additional Videos

Chapter One: Technology Introduction – Visible Light Communication

Chapter Two: Becoming an LVX Hosting Customer - DLh

Chapter Three: Becoming on LVX Client Customer - DLm

In the News

LVX System technology was recently featured on the following Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota News Stations. Click on any of the station names to view the news segment.

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Visible Light Communications Manufacturing Video

Watch our Latest Electric TV Video.
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